More than a third of websites in the world use WordPress content management software. WordPress is originally created as a simple blog tool, first released in 2003. It is a free, open-source content management system, written in PHP, and usually paired with MySQL database.

WordPress has a very powerful, open framework that allows 3rd party plugins to extend its application and purposes. You can easily add-in e-Commerce plugin in Woocommerce to extend a content management system into a full-fledged e-commerce platform, accepting online order, payment via payment gateway, etc.,

Woocommerce for WordPress

WordPress is more than just a content management and e-commerce platform. Leverages on thousands of ready 3rd party plug-ins, you can easily turn WordPress into many useful web-based applications, like appointment management, member subscription, point-of-sales, affiliate system, etc..

With many automated installation scripts, installing a WordPress environment from scratch to live can take less an hour. The devil, however, is in the content creation and customization. Like any retail shop space, besides the initial setup, which is the most resource and capital intensive, you also need to factor in the ongoing maintenance of the shop space (your website). You need to update your content, layout, design, images, etc., to keep your shop space relevant. We can assess, based on your company’s existing resources if you should consider out-source such ongoing maintenance, or what resources are needed for in-sourcing.

Our Services

The most critical stage in implementing a website and e-commerce platform is the planning stage. Besides assisting you in kick-start the project, we can also offer you invaluable insight and experience in getting your website right the first time.

  • Setup and customization of WordPress and e-Commerce environment based on Woocommerce
  • Education/Training of content management based on your environment

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