Micro-Businesses are generally left out by the majority of IT providers, with the majority of them having to rely on consumer-grade, off-the-shelf software to survive. This is understandable since this sector offers little opportunity for profit. It is unlikely that any profit-oriented companies will be interested in this market segment. The advent of cloud-based software, however, has improved the situation, with many offering enterprise-grade software to small and medium-sized businesses. These include accounting software, office productivity software, file sharing software, etc.

Cloud-based software is almost a match made in heaven for SME businesses. Nevertheless, there is a problem when SME’s try to customize a platform to meet their business needs. In many cases, the lack of IT expertise and skills makes it difficult for them to know where to begin looking. Speaking to any particular software vendor will most likely result in a biased perspective and a force-fit solution. On the other hand, the cost of engaging an established consulting firm is likely to be prohibitive for SMEs, which generally dissuades them from proceeding.


Who we are?

We are a group of SME owners based in Singapore and have been exploring, implementing and using various cost-effective systems ourselves over the past several years. Not only can we advise you from a technological perspective, but also from the perspective of the ultimate users in regard to applicability and cost. Ultimately, you are seeking a solution that is cost-effective, low maintenance, and easy to use, and that you will be able to afford to own and maintain yourself in the future. That is exactly what we are looking for in our own. With our experience and expertise, we will be able to assist you.

Our Services include:

  • e-Commerce solution based on WooCommerce platform
  • Website and e-mail hosting consultation – cPanel and WordPress
  • ERP solutions for inventory, order and invoice processing – Dolibarr, the most popular and enterprise-grade open Source ERP and CRM system
  • Consultation for best-fit solutions

Contact us at info@westleyconsulting.com for a free consultation. No obligation.

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