Small-Micro Business usually is the sector that gets left out by the majority of the IT players, and left them to survive with the consumer, off-the-shelf software. This is understandable as there is very little profit to make out of this sector. No profit-oriented companies are interested in this pile. Cloud-based software, however, has improved the situation and many have opened out the enterprise-grade software to these companies. These include software for accounting, office productivities, file sharing platform, etc..

The problem starts when SME looks for a platform need some slight customization to fit their business requirements. Many lack the IT knowledge and skills to know even where to start looking at. Speaking to any particular software vendor will usually result in a biased perspective, a force-fit solution. Engaging an established consulting firm will likely cost you a small fortune, and this rarely motivates any SME to proceed.


Who we are?

We are a group of owners of SME businesses based in Singapore and have walked the path of exploring, implementing and using the various cost-effective systems ourselves over the past several years. The accumulated experiences allow us not to just advice you the best solution from the technology perspective, but also from the applicability and cost perspective of the ultimate users. You want cost-effective, low-maintenance and easy to use solution, and ultimately a solution that you can afford to own and maintain yourself in the years to come. That’s is what we are looking for ours too. We can share our experience and expertise with you.

Our Services include:

  • e-Commerce solution based on WooCommerce platform
  • Website and e-mail hosting consultation – cPanel and WordPress
  • ERP solutions for inventory, order and invoice processing – Dolibarr, the most popular and enterprise-grade open Source ERP and CRM system
  • Consultation for best-fit solutions

Contact us at for a free consultation. No obligation.

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